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Pearl RearVision Backup System. 10 Minute Installation. No Cables.


RearVision combines sophisticated hardware with intelligent software to provide the best aftermarket backup camera system Beneath its sleek exterior is cutting-edge camera technology, efficient solar panels and vision algorithms powered by a high performance processor.


Two precise HD cameras. One is sensitive in the infrared spectrum to see especially well at night, and one is optimized for daytime. Each has a custom, seven-element lens with up to 180° field of view and a hydrophobic coating to repel water droplets in rainy weather. An advanced image processor manages exposure and corrects distortion in real-time for reliably clear, super-wide-angle views.


Powered by the Sun. The Camera Frame houses an efficient solar panel that charges in both direct sunlight and indirect light through clouds. This allows RearVision to be truly wireless, no drilling holes or splicing into your car’s wiring for power. The Camera Frame’s built-in battery is an energy reservoir to help during less sunny times of the year.


Intelligent distance sensing. RearVision obstacle alerts are powered by cutting-edge stereo-vision algorithms. The Car Adapter’s eight-core processor runs billions of calculations per second to analyze images from both cameras while you’re backing up. When an obstacle is detected, a tone sounds from the built-in speaker in the Car Adapter, and the object is highlighted in the Pearl App.


10 minute installation. Using the Pearl RearVision system is very easy. Simply mount your phone on the dash, launch the app, and go.

Chassis Specific Jack Pad Tools for Audi, BMW, Corvette, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan GT-R and Porsche

Do-it-yourselfers who are passionate about their cars will appreciate the innovative and practical solution that Reverse Logic jack pad tools offer.

Jack Pad Tool for Audi


Most of our chassis specific tools hang from the jack points of your car and prevent damage to the side skirts and undercarriage of your car while using a floor jack.


Our tools with spring loaded bullet latches fit most Mercedes-Benz chassis introduced after the 2000 model year. Late model BMW and MINI Cooper chassis and the Nissan GT-R will accept our jack pad tools with silicone plugs which retain the tools in place.

Our jack pad tool for Corvette C5/C6/C7 chassis  features an innovative T-nut which allows the tool to be used in one of two ways. It can be suspended from the jack point or secured in place for extended maintenance periods.


The jack pad tool for Porsche uses a custom T-nut sized to fit the oval hole in the jack point of Porsche 964, 991, 996, 986, 997, 987, and 981 chassis.

Mercedes-Benz W203 jack pad tool


Reverse Logic Multi-vehicle jack pad tool


Nissan GT-R R35 jack pad tool

Nissan GT-R

Corvette C5/C6/C7 jack pad tool


Porsche jack pad tool for 964, 991, 993, 996, 986, 997, 987, and 981 chassis


International Shipping. Orders for jack pad tools and lug bolt guide tools are charged a flat rate for shipping regardless of quantity. This charge is $10 for destinations in Canada and $15 for all other Countries.


Customers located outside of the Continental USA should request a shipping quote by email prior to placing an order for Race Ramps or jack stands. Reverse Logic does not ship Compac floor jacks outside of the Continental USA.

Prevent damage to calipers, wheels, and carbon ceramic rotors with Reverse Logic female threaded lug guide tools. Two or three of the tools will help guide your wheels on or off the hub without banging or scraping the calipers or chipping carbon ceramic rotors.


Available in four thread sizes, M12x1.5 for Corvettes, 1/2"-20 for pre-2015 Mustangs, M14x1.5 for Camaros and 2015+ Mustangs and M12x1.25 for Nissan GT-R and 370Z. The female threaded tools feature a wheel-friendly non-abrasive knurl.


Reverse Logic also offers conventional male threaded lug bolt guide tools for European vehicles which use bolts to secure the wheels. The tools feature a pilot tipped thread for easy alignment in the lug bolt holes. The bull-nosed tip and smaller diameter on the outer end facilitate sliding the wheel over the tool.


The male threaded tools are available in M12x1.5, M12x1.25, M14x1.5, and M14x1.25 thread sizes. Consult the chassis compatibility tables on the Lug Bolt Guide Tools page to determine the thread size required for your European car.

Wheel hanger with non-abrasive knurl.
ESCO jack stand post with pivoting block

Reverse Logic Pivot-Top™ Jack Stand Posts  for ESCO Jack Stands

Reverse Logic's stainless steel posts with pivoting blocks are compatible with ESCO 10498 and 10499 jack stands. The posts are available separately or with ESCO jack stand bases. The blocks fit BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan GT-R factory jack points with an integrated pocket for the vehicle jack. The block is held in place with a spiral retaining ring and can be easily removed. Reverse logic will soon be offering additional "heads" for other types of vehicle jack points.

Pivoting 63mm diameter rubber padded saddles are now available with the same stainless steel posts originally offered with the pivoting blocks. These saddles work well with pre-2000 BMW and MB chassis with older style jack points. The new round saddles can be easily exchanged with the pivoting blocks.

New Cradle Top Platform Race Ramps from Reverse Logic

RLL-49-2, RLL-59-2, RLL-80-2 Race Ramps comparison

Up until recently the only choice for Race Ramps with a cradle top platform were 80" long, 6.8 degree, two-stage incline ramps. With the introduction of the 49" and 59" long cradle top platform ramps from Reverse Logic, customers with vehicles that don't need shallow incline ramps now have two lower priced alternatives.


The RLL-49-2 and RLL-59-2 ramps share the same platforms first introduced in 2013 with the 80" combo service/trailer ramps. The RLL-49-2 model is the only entry level ramp with a 14" wide, 9" high platform.

Female Threaded Lug Guide Tools Now Available in Four Thread Sizes


M14x1.5 female threaded lug guide tool
RLL-80-2 2-stage incline Race Ramps

Race Ramps makes over 60 different automotive ramp models for a range of applications. The lightweight ramps are easy to use, transport, and store. Reverse Logic adds value by supplementing the Race Ramps product line with "custom" designs for edge cases that need something different than what is offered by the standard products.

Race Ramps Light Weight, Low Profile Service Ramps and Trailer Ramps

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