Jack Pad Tools for Audi, BMW, Corvette, Mercedes, Nissan GT-R, Porsche, Tesla, & VW

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Chassis Specific Jack Pad Tools Facilitate DIY Maintenance

Mercedes jack pad tool

Reverse Logic chassis specific jack pad tools hang from the jack points of your car allowing you to easily maneuver a floor jack into position under the jack point. The jack pads protect the side skirts and undercarriage from being damaged by the rim of the floor jack saddle.


The jack pad tools for C5/C6/C7 Corvette chassis incorporates an innovative T-nut which allows the tool to be used in one of two ways. It can be suspended from the jack point or secured in place for extended maintenance periods.


Our tools with spring loaded bullet latches fit most Mercedes-Benz chassis introduced after the 2000 model year. Late model BMW and MINI Cooper chassis and the Nissan GT-R will accept our jack pad tools with silicone plugs which retain the tools in place.


The dimensions of our multi-vehicle jack pad tool make it a universal fit in any BMW, non-AMG Mercedes-Benz,

and the Nissan GT-R. This tool is available with an optional 30mm pin for use with floor jacks which have a removable saddle.


More details about the tools are available in the drop down menu selections under Jack Pads.


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