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Google Sheet Service Ramp Calculator

Service Ramp Calculator

Google Sheet Trailer Ramp Calculator

Trailer Ramp Calculator

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Use our exclusive Google Sheet calculators to take the guess work out of selecting the correct Race Ramps product. Click on the Service Ramp graph at the upper left to open a spreadsheet that will trace the path of your car over ten different service ramp models. Click on the Trailer Ramp graph at the lower left to compare the path of your car over twenty different trailer ramp models to your existing trailer door or ramps.


Race Ramps from Reverse Logic - Great Products and Expert Service


  • Best everday pricing. Use "SAVE10" Coupon Code to take 10% off Reverse Logic everyday low prices on orders of $200 or more.
  • Reverse Logic is among the Top Ten Authorized Race Ramps Resellers and has been selling Race Ramps since 2010. We know Race Ramps products inside and out.
  • We add value by supplementing the Race Ramps product line with "custom" designs for edge cases that need something different than what is offered by the standard products. Products like our 2-Stage Incline Race Ramps, and Progressive Incline Race Ramps are examples of the custom designs which are in stock ready to ship.
  • We offer money saving options like Trailer Ramp Adapters which convert the incline sections of our 2-Stage Incline Ramps and Progressive Incline Ramps into Trailer Ramps. Why purchase a dedicated trailer ramp when you can convert the incline section of a service ramp into a trailer ramp with a simple adapter?
  • Special orders don't upset us. If you need a modified version of a standard product we will get it for you.
  • We will go the extra mile to help you select the correct ramp for your application including providing graphs of the path of your car climbing the service or trailer ramps. Click on the graphs at the top of this page to open a Google Sheet calculator to help select the correct ramp.
  • If you need just part of a ramp, we will break a set and sell you just what you need.
  • We stock a wide selection of ramps with the Heavy Duty option. If you need ramps with a higher capacity than the standard 3000 pounds per pair, chances are we have the 5000 pounds per pair version of that ramp model in stock.
  • FREE shipping of all Race Ramps products to destinations in the Continental USA. Some service ramp models like the RR-56-2 and RLL-80-2 are available with FREE shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • We sell Race Ramps at or below the prices you will find at giant online resellers. Plus we frequently offer bundle deals on Race Ramps products and our other jack pad tool products.


RLL-78-2 Constant Incline Race Ramps

RLL-78-2 Race Ramps with 12" high platform and 10.8˚ incline.

Examples of Custom Race Ramps Models Available from Reverse Logic Limited

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RLL-99-2 Race Ramps with Trailer Ramp Adapter

RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline Race Ramps with Optional Trailer Ramp Adapter.


Still skeptical? View this video and learn what thousands of Race Ramps customers already know from first-hand experience. Lightweight Race Ramps products are a very strong and safe alternative to metal or wooden ramps. Race Ramps are easy to use, store, and transport!

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