Jack Pad Tools for Tesla


Chassis Specific Jack Pad Tools for Tesla

Unlike most American cars with pinch weld type jack points, Tesla vehicles have unique jack points with approximately one inch diameter locating holes. The Model S and Model X chassis feature reinforced plastic jack points which are bolted to the chassis behind the front tires and ahead of the rear tires. The Model 3 chassis has integral jack points which are not removable.


The Tesla vehicle jack points do not match up very well with typical floor jack saddles. The Reverse Logic chassis specific jack pad adapters facilitate using a floor jack with Tesla vehicles. The tools have a 25mm post that precisely positions the jack pad tool in the jack point. A Silicone O-ring provides a friction fit so that the tool can be suspended from the jack point while a floor jack is maneuvered into place.


The locating hole in the jack points are slightly different in diameter and depth for each of the Tesla Models necessitating more than one model jack pad tool. The Tesla jack pad tools are intended to be used with a floor jack with a flat bottomed saddle that is at least 2.75-inches in diameter and no more than 3/8-inch deep.


Purchase four tools and receive a handy storage case with your order at no additional charge.

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