2-Stage Incline Race Ramps

RLL-80-2 2-stage incline Race Ramps

Invert incline section to use as trailer ramp

6.8˚ initial incline

9" high c




2-Stage Incline Ramps

RLL-80-2 Combo Trailer/Service Ramps with 2-Stage Incline for low ground clearance cars

Three 2-Stage Incline Ramp Models Exclusively from Reverse Logic Limited

For some cars with very low ground clearance, the 10.8˚ incline of the standard RR-56 or RR-XT (67”) Race Ramps is still too steep. For these cases Race Ramps offers optional XTender Ramps with a 6.8˚ incline. The XTenders are 45” long and about half of this length overlaps the primary ramp. Reverse Logic requested Brute Industries to modify the standard 2-piece ramp design and integrate the XTenders into the incline section of the ramps. Anyone who has been contemplating the purchase of the standard ramps with the optional XTenders should consider the 2-Stage Incline Ramp solution which is less expensive and more convenient to handle and store.


Reverse Logic Limited has been shipping two models of the 2-Stage Incline Ramps since January, 2011. The entry level RR-72-2 ramps are 8” high by 12” wide with an overall length of 72”. The RLL-87-2 ramps are 10” high by 14” wide with an overall length of 87”. Think of these ramps as standard RR-56-2 and RR-XT-2 Race Ramps with integrated XTenders. Reverse Logic introduced a third 2-Stage Incline Ramp model, the RLL-80-2, in January 2013. This ramp features an invertible incline section which can be used as a 6” high trailer ramp. The 9” high platform section of the RLL-80-2 ramp is cradle shaped to help keep the tires in position.


Heavy Duty versions of the RR-72-2 and RLL-87-2 ramps, with reinforced top surfaces, are available. The standard ramps have a 3000 pounds per pair capacity and the heavy duty option increases the capacity to 5000 pounds per pair. The RLL-80-2 ramp is not available with the Heavy Duty option.

Like all Race Ramps products, the 2-Piece, 2-Stage Incline Ramps will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, or scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, dirt, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Race Ramps come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage.


* For increased safety, use Wheel Chocks with Race Ramps products.*

9” high RLL-80-2 ramp (Black) compared to 67” RR-XT (Red) and 56” RR-56 (Green).

RLL-80-2 Race Ramps with Built-in Trailer Ramps

Inverted RLL-80-2 incline section (Black) compared to RR-TR-6 Trailer Ramp (Red).

Convert RLL-87-2 Incline Sections into Trailer Ramps with Trailer Ramp Adapters

RR-72-2 entry level 2-Stage Incline Race Ramps

Trailer Ramp Adapters convert the incline sections of the RLL-87-2 ramps into Trailer Ramps which are 68” long by 8.5” high by 14” wide. This solution is more cost effective than purchasing dedicated Trailer Ramps and requires less space to store and transport. Purchase a set of RLL-87-2 two-stage incline ramps along with a pair of Trailer Ramp Adapters and save up to $200 compared to purchasing dedicated service ramps and trailer ramps. Adapters available with 2" or 3" deep steps.

RLL-87-2 Incline Section with Trailer Ramp Adapter with 2" deep step.

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