Constant Incline Race Ramps

Constant Incline Ramps

2-Piece RR-XT-2 Race Ramps.

2-piece RR-XT-2 67" ramps shown in photos. Available with Heavy Duty option which increases capacity to 5000 pounds/pair.

RR-XT-2 Race Ramps w/C5 Corvette
RLL-78-2 Race Ramps w/12" high platform.

New 2-piece RLL-78-2 78" Race Ramps service ramps with 12" high platform.

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56, 67, 72 & 78-inch Service Ramps

Fourteen inch wide 67" Race Ramps are ideal for low ground clearance vehicles with tires up to 12" wide. With an incline of only 10.8˚, they lift the car up 10" high and hold up to 3,000 pounds per pair while weighing only about 15 pounds per ramp. The entry level twelve inch wide 56" Race Ramps have the same slope and load capacity as the 67" ramps with a shorter 8" high platform.


Need a higher platform? Reverse Logic offers the custom RLL-78-2 Race Ramps service ramp with a 12" high platform and the same 10.8˚ degree incline.


Reverse Logic's newest constant incline ramp model is the RLL-72-14-2 which has a 7.7 degree incline. This ramp is also compatible with the trailer ramp adapters and extensions for the RLL-99-2 progressive incline ramp.


Solid core construction Race Ramps will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, or scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, dirt, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Race Ramps come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage. With the two piece design (shown in photos) you can remove the back incline section and gain access from the side of the car.


* For increased safety, use Wheel Chocks with all Race Ramps products.*

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