Jack Pad Tools for Corvette


Corvette jack puck
Corvette jack puck on left arm

No Scratch Jack Pad Tool for C5/C6/C7 Corvette

The C5/C6/C7 Jack Pad Tool consists of five components: a 2 1/2" diameter puck, a threaded T-nut, an M8x1.25 bolt, a plastic washer, and a Nylon spacer. The hole in the center of the puck is threaded so that the bolt does not spin after being installed. The “diamond” shaped shaft on the T-nut distinguishes this tool from competing products. The built-in stops on the shaft of the T-nut restrict the tool from being turned more than 90 degrees once the tool is inserted into the oval-shaped hole in the chassis.


The jack pad tool increase the clearance between the side skirts and the rim of a floor jack saddle or the arms on a four-arm lift. The tool can be used in two modes. When the Nylon spacer is installed between the puck and the T-nut, the jack pad can be used in the conventional manner where it simply hangs from the chassis. In this mode all five of the tool components are used.


Although this tool is not intended to be permanently installed, it can be temporarily secured in place when performing maintenance for an extended period or taking a quick trip to a service garage. In this mode, the spacer is removed and the T-nut is re-installed until there is about 1/8" to 3/16" space between the T-nut and the washer. The tool is then inserted into the chassis jack point and the puck is turned clockwise a couple of turns until the tool is snugged up against the chassis. The washer prevents the tool from scraping against the chassis while turning the puck to secure it in place. This jack pad tool will also fit the Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Sky chassis.

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