Display & Show

Display & Show

Top and bottom halves of RR-WC-10-2 Wheel Cribs.

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Need to Display the Underside of Your Car at a Concours Event?

Show Ramps are a great lightweight (only 6 pounds each) alternative to jack stands, floor jacks, and wooden blocks. They reduce the risk of damaging your car, and they can be transported with no risk of sliding and denting your trunk. Show Ramps were designed after seeing what people went through to raise their car up and place a mirror on the ground to display its underside. They can be used to raise up the front, back, or side of the car. Or get two sets and raise up the entire car to make it stand out.


While Race Ramps Wheel Cribs are generally used in conjunction with Service Ramps, they can also be used as Show Ramps. The top half of the two-piece 10" high wheel cribs can be used to raise one side or one end of your car in much the same way as the RR-SR show ramps.

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