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Astra miniLIFT - Air Operated Mobile Scissor Lift

Designed and made in Spain, the Astra miniLIFT is an innovative mobile scissor lift that can lift one end of a vehicle to a comfortable working height. The lift features top quality Continental air springs which require a source of compressed air delivered at 90 psi.


In the lower most position the miniLIFT is only 5" high and can be rolled under most passenger vehicles. In the raised position the lifting pads are about 24" high. But since the lift points are in-between the axles, the actual height of the front or rear of the vehicle can easily be over 40". Fixed height safety stands and a rubber block for side lifting are included with the miniLIFT.


Compac 90555 floor jack under BMW Z4
Compac 90572 rubber saddle pad

Model 90572 Rubber Saddle Pad

Compac 90555 floor jack

New 2-Ton Compac Model 90555 Floor Jack

Compac floor jacks have been manufactured in Denmark since 1946. Long service life, high quality raw materials, spare parts availability and a 3-year warranty protect your investment. You will not be disappointed in your Compac floor jack.


Reverse Logic offers two Compac floor jack models that can be shipped by UPS. The 90530 floor jack is Compac's entry level offering. The 37" long and low 5" frame height on the model 90555 floor jack makes it easier to slip this jack under the front or rear central jacking point of your vehicle.


Reverse Logic includes the optional 90572 Compac Rubber Saddle Pad with the purchase of every Compac floor jack. We ship floor jacks only to destinations in the Continental USA via UPS Ground.

  • 3" Saddle height
  • 5" Frame height
  • 2-Ton capacity
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Rebuild kits available

Model 90555

Compac 90541 with 37" frame length
Compac 90541 under Mercedes SL550

The benefits of the low frame height Compac floor jack become apparent when compared side-by-side to typical floor jacks. The saddle height is about the same as other low profile jacks. But, the longer frame and lower frame height allows the Compac jack to easily reach the central front jack point without restricting the travel of the handle.

Compac 90541 compared to Craftsman floor jack

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