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High quality lifting tools for safety minded do-it-yourselfers

ESCO 10498 jack stand with 4" rubber padded post.
Compac 90555 floor jack
Custom post for ESCO 10498 and ESCO 10499 jack stands.

When it comes to lifting your car to perform do-it-yourself auto maintenance no one tool is the right tool for every job. In some cases you will need a combination of the tools for the same job. For example, you will rarely use a floor jack without jack stands. Or, you may first need ramps to raise the car high enough for some floor jacks to fit under your car.


Reverse Logic does not offer an extensive line of tools for lifting and supporting your car. But we have selected a few high quality jack stands, floor jacks, and a scissor lift that will provide many years of reliable service. It's very likely that the tools you purchase from Reverse Logic will end up being used in the garages of your unborn grandchildren!


Reverse Logic also offers custom Pivot-Top posts for ESCO jack stands. These posts feature either a pivoting block for BMW, MB, and Nissan GT-R chassis or a pivoting pad for Corvette, Audi R8 and Lotus chassis.


If your floor jack needs a little more top end range, check out our floor jack extender that can be used with floor jacks that have removable saddles.


You can find more details about our jacking products in the drop down menu under "JACKS"


ESCO 10499 jack stand with 4" rubber padded post.

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