Lug Bolt Guide Tools

Wheel hanger with non-abrasive knurl.

Lug Bolt Guide Tools, also called Wheel Hangers, simplify the installation and removal of wheels on European cars with lug bolts. Anyone who has ever struggled to mount a spare tire on the side of the road will appreciate this tool. Aligning the holes in the wheel with the threaded holes in the wheel hub while inserting the first lug bolt is particularly difficult. Lug Bolt Guide Tools are also useful for aligning wheel spacers or routine brake maintenance. Keep a lug bolt guide tool in your glove compartment or tool box. This tool is a great gift idea, too!


Reverse Logic Limited offers aluminum as well as stainless steel lug bolt guide tools. Our tools made from 2024 aluminum are stronger than 6061 aluminum tools typically available from other suppliers. Most European car owners with OEM hub-centered wheels will get many years of service from the 2024 aluminum tools. Our 2024 tools are made in the USA and available in M12x1.5, M12x1.25, M14x1.5 and M14x1.25 thread sizes. This series of tools features a wheel-friendly non-abrasive knurl at the tip of the tool.


The stainless steel professional series tools are heavy duty tools which can stand up to the rigors of daily use. The added strength of the stainless steel tool is especially useful for lug-centered aftermarket wheels where the full weight of the wheel and tire are supported by the lug bolt guide tool until the lug bolts are installed. Our stainless steel tools made in the USA feature a conventional straight knurl.


We still have some anodized 6061 aluminum M14x1.25 tools available. The 6061 tools will be discontinued once our stock is depleted. Reverse Logic offers stainless steel M12x1.25 and M12x1.5 female threaded lug bolt guide tools for customers with close fitting calipers or ceramic rotors.

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Lug Bolt Guide Tools with Non-abrasive Knurl - Made in USA

VW, Audi, Porsche M14x1.5
Mfg Model Model Year
VW All 1999-Present
Audi All 1990-Present
Porsche All w/bolts
Chassis Model Model Year
E65 7-Series 2002-2008
E66 7-Series 2002-2008
E83 X3 2003-2010
E53 X5 1999-2006
Chassis Model Model Year
1-Series 2007-2011
E82 1-Series 2008-2011
1-Series 2007-2011
E88 1-Series 2008-2011
E36 3-Series 1991-2000
E46 3-Series 1998-2005
E90 3-Series 2006-2011
E91 3-Series 2006-2011
E92 3-Series 2007-2011
E93 3-Series 2007-2011
E34 5-Series 1988-1996
E39 5-Series 1995-2003
E60 5-Series 2004-2010
E61 5-Series 2004-2010
E63 6-Series 2003-2011
E64 6-Series 2003-2011
E32 7-Series 1987-1994
E38 7-Series 1995-2001
E36 Z3 1996-2002
E85 Z4 2002-2008
E86 Z4 2002-2008
E89 Z4 2009-Present
E52 Z8 2000-2003
E84 X1 2009-2013
R50 MINI 2001-2006
R52 MINI 2005-2008
R53 MINI 2001-2006
Chassis Model Model Year
W201 190E 1982-1993
W202 C-Class 1995-2000
W203 C-Class 2001-2007
W124 E-Class 1984-1995
W210 E-Class 1995-2002
W116 S-Class 1972-1980
W126 S-Class 1979-1991
W208 CLK 1998-2002
W209 CLK 2003-2009
R107 SL 1971-1989
R129 SL 1990-2002
R170 SLK 1998-2004
R171 SLK 2005-2011
Chassis Model Model Year
F20 1-Series 2010-Present
F21 1-Series 2010-Present
F22 2-Series 2013-Present
F45 2-Series 2013-Present
F30 3-Series 2012-Present
F31 3-Series 2012-Present
F34 3-Series 2012-Present
F80 3-Series 2012-Present
F32 4-Series 2013-Present
F82 4-Series 2013-Present
F33 4-Series 2013-Present
F83 4-Series 2013-Present
F36 4-Series 2013-Present
F07 5-Series 2009-Present
F10 5-Series 2010-Present
F11 5-Series 2010-Present
F12 6-Series 2009-Present
F13 6-Series 2010-Present
F06 6-Series 2011-Present
F01 7-Series 2009-Present
F25 X3 2011-Present
F26 X4 2013-Present
E70 X5 2007-2012
F15 X5 2013-Present
E71 X6 2007-2013
F16 X6 2014-Present
Chassis Model Model Year
W204 C-Class 2008-2014
W205 C-Class 2015-Present
C117 CLA 2013-Present
X156 GLA 2014-Present
W211 E-Class 2003-2009
C207 E-Class 2010-Present
W212 E-Class 2010-Present
W140 S-Class 1991-1999
W220 S-Class 2000-2006
W221 S-Class 2007-2013
W222 S-Class 2014-Present
W219 CLS 2004-2010
W218 CLS 2011-Present
W215 CL 2000-2006
W216 CL 2007-Present
R172 SLK 2012-Present
R230 SL 2003-2012
R231 SL 2013-Present
W163 M-Class 1998-2005
W164 M-Class 2006-2011
W166 M-Class 2012-Present
X164 GL 2007-2012
X166 GL 2013-Present
X204 GLK 2010-Present
W46x G-Class 1980-Present
W251 R-Class 2006-2013
Mfg Model Model Year
VW Cabrio 1997-2003
VW Corrado 1989-1992
VW Golf 4-cyl
VW Jetta 4-cyl
VW Passat 1990-1997
VW Quantum 1982-1989
VW Scirocco 1981-1988
Smart Fortwo
Chassis Model Model Year
450 All 2001-2007
451 All 1989-1992
Mfg Model Model Year
Fiat 500 2012-Present
Dodge Dart 2013-Present
Peugeot All All

Scroll down for Mercedes-Benz and BMW lug bolt thread size reference tables.

Female threaded lug bolt guide tools

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Stainless steel lug bolt guide tool, wheel hanger.

Stainless steel lug bolt guide tools available in M12x1.5, M14x1.5, and M14x1.25. thread sizes.

Female threaded stainless steel lug bolt guide tools available with M12x1.5 thread size for Corvette and other US vehicles.  The tool is also available with M12x1.25, 1/2-20, and M14x1.5 thread sizes.

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