Jack Pad Tools for Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

R35JPT inserted in GT-R Jack Point

MV52-30-28 with optional 30mm pin


R35JPT & MV52-30-28 Jack Pad Tools for Nissan GT-R

When inserted into the pockets of the GT-R jack points the R35JPT protects the side skirts and undercarriage from being damaged by a floor jack. When used in sets of four, the R35JPT tools obviate the need for the special lifts used by authorized Nissan GT-R dealers. The jack points on a Nissan GT-R are much larger than those used on BMWs. However, the pocket in the jack point is very similar in size to the pockets in a typical BMW jack point. Like our BMW jack pad tools, the GT-R tool uses Silicone plugs to hold the jack pad tool in place while a floor jack or the arms of a four-arm lift are maneuvered into place under the jack point. The base on the aluminum tools for the R35 chassis is 68mm in diameter and requires a floor jack with a 3" diameter saddle.


The block on our Multi-vehicle jack pad tool measures 52mm x 30mm x 28mm. These dimensions allow this tool to be used with most cars that have an integrated vehicle jack pocket in the factory jack points. This includes most modern BMWs, MINIs, non-AMG Mercedes, and the Nissan GT-R. For floor jacks with removable saddles, the optional 30mm diameter pin allows use of the tool without a floor jack saddle. A low profile floor jack is normally required to use this tool. Unlike our other chassis specific jack pad tools, this mutli-vehicle tool does not hang from the factory jack points. The 52mm long blocks are also used on our modified Torin jack stands in order to adapt the stands for use with the Nissan GT-R jack points.


Our latest Multi-vehicle tool is the MV52-30-19 model which can be used with the Nissan GT-R as well as all BMW chassis. It also works on Mercedes-Benz vehicle which use the W221 chassis jack points. The base on the MV-52-30-19 tool is 68mm in diameter.





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