Progressive Incline Race Ramps

Progressive Incline Ramps

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RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline Race Ramps

Progressive Incline Race Ramps are designed specifically for cars with about 3” to 4” of ground clearance. The 99" long RLL-99-2 ramps incorporate a curved incline surface which increases from 3.5˚ to 8˚ to match the increasing angle of approach as a car climbs to the 8" high platform. This design yields a higher ramp platform for a given ramp length. Optional Trailer Ramp Adapters convert the RLL-99-2 incline sections to Race Ramps Trailer Ramps.


The RLL-99-2 model is available with an optional 2-piece incline section. The longest section in the 3-piece configuration of the RLL-99-2 ramp is 39", allowing the ramps to be easily stored and transported.


* For increased safety, use Wheel Chocks with all Race Ramps products.*

Progressive Incline Race Ramps with Curved Top Surface for Very Low Approach Angles

Value Proposition of Progressive Incline Race Ramps

The drawing below demonstrates the advantage offered by the curved top surface of the RLL-99-2 ramp. A constant slope 3.5˚ incline ramp (red outline) with the same 8" high platform as the RLL-99-2 ramp would be 36” longer. The curved top surface allows the RLL-99-2 ramp to be much more compact than a ramp with a constant slope.


The RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline Ramps are 99” long by 14” wide with an 8” high platform. The optional Trailer Ramp Adapters convert the incline sections of the ramp into trailer ramps which are 80” long by 6.7” high. When used in place of the service ramp platforms, the Trailer Ramp Extensions increase the height of the ramps to 9".


Comparison of constant incline and progressive incline ramps

Progressive Incline Ramp Options

Service Ramp Platform Section

Trailer Ramp Extension Section

Trailer Ramp Adapter

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