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Stahlbus Oil Drain Valves

Stahlbus oil drain valves take the place of conventional drain plugs. Once installed, the Stahlbus valve allows you to quickly and easily change the oil in your car without tools. Simply unscrew the safety cap and attach the quick disconnect fitting with the drain tube. When the quick disconnect hose fitting is disengaged, the valve automatically closes.


Unlike competitive oil drain valves, Stahlbus oil drain valves do not have a lever-operated ball valve. The valve is opened when a quick disconnect hose connector is attached to the valve. The absence of a lever allows for a much smaller valve design compared to competing products. The Stahlbus drain valve is just slightly larger than the standard oil drain plug. The smaller symmetrical shape of the Stahlbus valve allows it to be installed without an additional adapter frequently required by the more bulky lever-operated valves.


Each Stahlbus oil drain valve includes a high-strength steel valve body, copper sealing washer, anodized aluminum safety cap, quick disconnect hose connector, 40 cm Silicone drain hose, and instructions.


The Stahlbus oil drain valves are precision made in Germany.

Removing Stahlbus safety cap
Attaching drain hose quick disconnect fitting
Draining oil
Removing drain hose and closing Stahlbus valve
Reinstalling safety cap on Stahlbus drain valve

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