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3.5˚ to 7.0˚

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Combination Service/Trailer Ramps

Race Ramps standard trailer ramp models range in height from 4" to 11". The number in the trailer ramp model designates the height of the ramp. The incline angles range from 4.3˚ to 8.7˚ and the lengths range from 45" to 131". In addition to the standard Race Ramps models, Reverse Logic offers several trailer ramps which can be optionally configured as service ramps. The incline sections of the 87", 89", and 99" ramps can be mated with trailer ramp adapters or service platforms. The RLL-80-IS trailer ramp can simply be inverted for use with a matching service platform. The RLL-TR-80-2 and RLL-TR-114-2 ramp models are the latest additions to the Reverse Logic custom Race Ramps product line up.


All of the trailer ramps are 14" wide with the exception of the RR-TR-8 ramps which are 16" wide. The length of the trailer ramps includes the step at the higher end of the ramp which is typically 5" long. This step can be 2", 2.5". or 3" deep depending upon the ramp model. In practice, if the thickness of your trailer door or existing metal trailer ramps is within 1/2" of the depth of the step you won't have a problem with the ramps.


As a general rule of thumb, choose the ramp with the steepest slope that still fits under your bumper, splitter, or air dam in order to minimize the break-over angle. Another rule of thumb is that the slope of the Race Ramps should be at least 2/3 of the incline of the trailer door or existing metal ramps when placed on the trailer ramp step. For example, if you use a ramp with a 5˚ incline and the trailer door is positioned at a 10˚ angle, then there is a good chance that you will plow into the trailer door.


The Reverse Logic RLL-87-IS incline section is 8.5" high. It's available with a 2" deep step or a 3" deep step adapter. The RLL-99-IS incline sections are 6.7" high. They are also available with 2" or 3" deep step adapters. Reverse Logic offers a trailer ramp extension for the 99" ramps which brings the height up to 9.3". The RLL-99-IS incline section starts with a 3.5˚ slope and is available in a two-piece version.


The RLL-87-IS (incline section) with a trailer ramp adapter is about the equivalent of the RR-TR-8XL ramp. The RLL-99-IS with adapter is a cross between the RR-TR-5 and the RR-TR-7 ramp models. It has a lower incline than the RR-TR-5 and almost the same height as the RR-TR-7.


The RR-TR-9-FLP ramp is one of the newest trailer ramp models. It has a flap cut out for trailer doors with a fold down flap. This design is also available in a 7" high model, RR-TR-7-FLP.



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3.5˚ to 8.0˚


2.6˚ to 7.0˚

The scale drawings to the left facilitate the comparison of popular Race Ramp Trailer Ramp models (black) with custom trailer ramps made to Reverse Logic specifications (outlined). The entire Trailer Ramp line-up is available in our online store.


Custom Trailer Mates for Very Low Cars

Trailer Mates make it easier to tie your low ground clearance vehicle down to your trailer. When a car is parked on Trailer Mates, an additional 3" of ground clearance gives you more room to reach the vehicle's tie-down points. They also provide additional clearance between the car door and the wheel well on the trailer.


The top surfaces of Trailer Mates are reinforced. They are extremely durable and lightweight and won't slide on or scratch the trailer surface. Concave depressions in the front Trailer Mates help keep the vehicle from rolling during transport, while the rear Trailer Mates are designed to simply drive over, making placement a snap. Trailer Mate car ramps are ideal for vehicles with tires up to 12" wide.



Reverse Logic offers an extended length front Trailer Mate, model RLL-TM-XL, for cars with a long, low front overhang. At 52" long, the RLL-TM-XL is a full 16" longer than the standard front Trailer Mate.

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